Notes of heating eva interlayer

1 cooling vacuuming for 5 mins before heating.

2 keeping 60 deg C for 20 mins

3 speed of heating up recommended as 2 deg C/ mins.

4 vacuuming value is -0.1MPA

5 maitain 12-125 deg C for 45mins

6 cooling down fast after the heating is enough

7 evey time, you have bubbles problem, remmeber to double check the vacuuming pump, make sure vacuuming is working well.

8 Please make sure if the temperature you see is the glass surface temperature.

9 You should do some adjust of the recipe according to your lamination oven characteristics, glass thickness, humidity, air conditions in your region.

10 You should extend by 10 minds for additional laminate in one vacuuming bed.